Thursday, October 13, 2011

Follow up Soup Recipe....and a Goodbye, for now.

First, I want to share the scrumptious soup recipe I spoke of weeks ago (so sorry for that time lapse), it was quick and easy to make (the chopping of ingredients took up the most time), and was amazingly tasty and filling, I dearly hope you can find the time to try it out for yourself!

Secondly, this will be my last blog post for a long time. I have been thinking, thinking, thinking about this, and after much consternation and deliberation, I have decided to temporarily stop blogging. I feel that at this chapter in my life, I am so short on time, energy, and causes to post that I really need to just call this quits for awhile and stop worrying about how very little I do get around to posting.

I do very much look forward to eventually being at home in a few years (hopefully with my own cute little munchkins), testing and sharing new recipes weekly, accomplishing small tasks which I may share (like tons more knitting/crocheting/sewing projects, among other things), and just posting about daily life with my husband and (hopeful) children. Right now I just feel like I am extremely limited on what I may post; I can't really speak much of the children I nanny due to privacy reasons, and I honestly don't do very  much besides work. I love my life, and am extremely happy with where I am right now, but I usually have to really rack my mind for posting ideas.

Thank you all so much for the love, friendship and good humor you have shared with me, I will still pop in and read each of your blogs every now and again, and I fervently hope that eventually, you won't be afraid to come back to mine once I open it back up again. God Bless you all in everything you do, thank you for taking the time to take a small peek into my life!

Now, here is the marvelous recipe, I do hope you'll try it! :o)

Chicken and Potato Soup with Bacon

Serves: 4

you will need:

1T Butter
2 Garlic Cloves, chopped
1 Onion, sliced
9oz./250g smoked lean Bacon, chopped
2 large Leeks, sliced
2T all-purpose Flour
4 Cups Chicken Stock
1lb. Potatoes, chopped
7oz. skinless Chicken Breast, chopped
4T Heavy Cream
Salt and Pepper
Cooked Bacon and sprigs of fresh flat-leaf Parsley, to garnish.


Melt the butter in a large pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and onion and cook, stirring, for 3 minutes, until slightly softened. Add the chopped bacon and leeks and cook for another 3 minutes, stirring.

In a bowl, mix the flour with enough stock to make a smooth paste and stir it into the pan. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes. Pour in the remaining stock, then add the potatoes and chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 25 minutes, until the chicken and potatoes are tender and cooked through.

Stir in the cream and cook for another 2 minutes, then remove from the heat and ladle into serving bowls. Garnish with the cooked bacon and flat-leaf parsley and serve immediately.

There you are! I hope you'll enjoy it! We did enjoy the bacon garnish, but found that the soup tasted just as good without it. I also left out the parsley garnish, as I didn't have any in my kitchen and figured it wouldn't make a very noticeable difference.

If you enjoy this soup, I would highly recommend the book I posted about previously, from which I took this recipe: 100 Best Fresh Soups: the ultimate ingredients for delicious soups including 100 tasty recipes. The book has no one author, but was put together by the "Love Food" organization.

Enjoy your evening, and thank you again for all the love you've shown!

Many Blessings to you,