Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"It was a Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort."

I have often thought that I might make a very good Hobbit. There are few things I enjoy more than sitting down in my nice, clean little home and listening to the sounds of the birds and the rain outside while I enjoy a hot cup of tea and some eggs or toast. 

Today is very much so a "Hobbit" kind of day. Yesterday I was finally able to clean up some odds and ends that had been lying about and bothering me in our living room, kitchen and bedroom, and this morning I am enjoying sitting in my nice dark living room with a steaming cup of tea, while I listen to the sound of Northwest summer rain outside my windows. I've been wanting more sun these past few weeks (I am on vacation until August 1st, yay!), but God is so good to send us this cleansing, cool rain.

 My indoor plants enjoying the cool morning air through the screen

My tea (green ginger) waiting to be all drunk up

Rain on leaves outside my window....

My silent wind-chimes, taking a rest

And my cozy little living-room, welcoming me in. Please don't mind our wrinkly carpet, or bed-sheet curtains. ;o)

I hope you have a restful day as well, or that you enjoy the business you will be experiencing today!

~For my Gratituesday post~

I am thankful for:

1. This cooling rain

2. Time off from work

3. Friends to chat with

4. The sound of silence

5. Time with which I may do whatever I want!

Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day! 


  1. Ahhh. The sounds of silence. Or at least of nature...rain drops quietly falling, birds chirping outside my window, and stillness all around. This is my every morning (until the mister gets out of bed and comes downstairs), only my preferred beverage is a steaming cup of freshly brewed black coffee with a pinch of stevia. I knew we were kindred spirits. ~L

    PS: What wrinkly carpet? What bed sheet curtain? I see only a peaceful room. :)

  2. I can almost feel the coolness from here... almost. ;) enjoy! blessings ~ tanna

  3. A WOW kind of day,my favorite kind.
    Smiles, Dottie

  4. L., we ARE kindred spirits, I've always known that! You're just a bit tidier and more organized than I am, haha! ;oD

    Tanna, I am so sorry for that unbearable heat you've been experiencing, I hope some of our cooler weather drifts your way soon!

    Dottie: it WAS a wow kind of day! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)

  5. Oh, and Lisa, my carpet is TERRIBLE!! lol! We had just one big wrinkle, and now there are THREE. :( I suppose I'm the only one who really notices though, so thank you. ;o)


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