Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, I was headed off to bed a few minutes ago, and remembered that I still need to make my Gratituesday post! :) I am actually posting from my phone, so this won't be anything flowery unfortunately.

I am thankful for:

1. A husband who is peppy and silly even when he's just as exhausted as I am (hey, it could be worse, he could be grumpy!).

2.  My loving Mom who calls just to say hello, even if there isn't really much to chat about.

3. Little Black dresses! Every woman needs at least one dress that makes her truly feel shiny. ;o)

4. Warmer late Spring weather. No, it's not the warm gentle summer breezes and sunshine yet, but 65 degrees with no rain is pretty nice!

5. Chocolate. What would I do without that melty goodness? It often lifts my mood throughout each day.

Okay, I know, some of these weren't all that serious, but I am still thankful for each of them, they make up little (and big!) parts of my daily life. ;o)

Have a wonderful night!

~ Just a Girl


  1. I really love your gratituesday posts. I will join you next week.
    You make this mom happy remembering your mom..... I can't stand a day not talking to my daughter (even if there is not much to say)
    Daughters are so special!

  2. It is indeed the little things that add up to be the big thing of living a well lived life. blessings to you! tanna

  3. Oh yeah...that's a nice list! I need to start a gratitude list! :) Chocolate and black dresses...love that.!

  4. I really like your list!!!!I love black dresses
    and chocolate.

  5. A gratitude list something everyone should do...it is so important. Such a wonderful list you have compiled!


  6. Thank you all ladies, I hope you each get to enjoy some (if not all!) of these things as well! :) I really enjoy thinking of the small things I'm thankful for each week.

  7. P.S. Nanny: I'm so glad to hear that you talk to your daughter every day----it's not often anymore that I hear of another happy mother/daughter relationship it seems! :)


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