Friday, May 6, 2011

My apologies

I just want to apologize for my absence lately; I've been so tired and busy, and there has just been so much to do what with Easter, being sick, working, and Mother's Day coming up. :)

I truly hope to be back soon, I have so many pictures to post and things to write about! Sometimes I think that is part of my problem; I think of all the things I "need" to post about, and become slightly overwhelmed. I'm a silly person, there's no need to be overwhelmed by something so simple and fun as a blog!

Some things I will be posting soon:

Easter pictures

Three wonderful new recipes

stories about the twins

May your weekend be happy, relaxing and fun! 

Every So Fondly,


  1. I get overwhelmed too.....
    Can't wait to see your pictures!
    Have a Happy Mothers Day!

  2. I will admit I miss you when you are 'away', but remind myself of what's truly important in life, and that is living! I hope you are feeling much better now, I'm remembering you in my prayers!

  3. Nanny: I'm glad I'm not the only one! ;D Sometimes between daily life and blogging, I feel so anxious! I just need to adapt myself to more action I suppose. ;o)

    TDC: Thank you so much! I am feeling much better, it was nice to have a 'break' for awhile. :)


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