Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am going to copy one of my very favorite people, and begin writing "gratituesday" posts. Every Tuesday I am going to share what I am thankful for, be it old or new, constant or not. I think it's a wonderful thing to count our blessings, and I know that I especially need to remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life on those days I feel grouchy and spiteful. If you feel inclined to share your blessings, please do so, I would love to hear about them! :o)

This week, I am thankful for:

1. My wonderful husband who is always my rock in hard times, and is so patient and helpful, even when I can   sometimes be disagreeable to spend time with!

2. A warm, dry, 900 sq. ft. apartment to live in, with a strong door that locks, two bedrooms and two toilets (woo-hoo!), and a kitchen big enough to fit a small table in. 
What  a luxury this place really is; so many people worldwide live together in a one-room home with very little possessions.

3. A great job with two little cuties who give me hugs and kisses every day! 
Sometimes I really tire of working full-time, dealing with toddler tantrums, and not being able to make decisions the way I might with my own children, but I am so very blessed to be paid so well, teach future grown-ups how to be decent people, and develop such a beautiful friendship with a wonderful family.

4. Wonderful women in my life to talk to/vent to/laugh with! 
What in the world would I do without any of the dear female friends and family members I have in my life?? I would be an anxious, bitter and frustrated mess more often than I am now! It is such a blessing to be able to open my heart and mind up before these amazing women of God, and I praise Him every day for bringing them into my life, whether I see them often or not.

5. Two hands with which I may work hard during the day and craft with during the evenings and weekends! 
Seriously, this may sound amusing, but how lucky are we all to have been given two working hands? I love keeping busy, whether it is folding laundry, wiping noses (or baby bums), crocheting, baking, snowboarding, you name it, and I couldn't do any of those things without my two hands. ;o)

There are my five blessings for today! I have many more great things I am thankful for, but I will just have to share those another time. I hope you feel blessed too, even if things might be very trying for you right now. Life can be so stressful and painful at times, but it always helps to remember that it could always be much worse, and I know writing these Tuesday posts will help me to keep that in mind.

Many blessings,

A little Limerick

As you may have read previously, I attend an every-other week ladies' Bible study. Well, we end our study every summer to take a break (mainly to give our wonderful leader a break from writing lessons), and then we return to our meetings again once Fall arrives. Yesterday happened to be our last study before the summer, so we decided that we would all get together and not only pray, but eat burgers and other yummy things, and pretty much just laugh and have a fun time. I had a blast, and my favorite part was reading aloud the limericks we were asked to write and bring to the study for fun!! 

I personally love reading and writing poetry, and even though I put this assignment off until the last minute, I had a great time coming up with my limerick. I personally didn't think it was all that hilarious, but the ladies at Bible study sure got a kick out of it! ;oD

Here you go!

There once lived a frog in Paris

who was very best friends with a flea.

They hopped and they leaped,

until the naughty frog creeped,

and ate his friend up with much glee!

(not my original drawing)

So much fun! :oD Limericks are so easy to write and often provide a laugh. I just might have to come up with a weekly limerick, how fun that would be!

Have a lovely day!

I'm Alive!

Well, I am back!

 I can't believe how much time has passed since my last true post, and the thing that is really amazing is that I haven't been on a computer at all since I last posted!! Can you believe that?? ;o) I recently acquired a handy little smart-phone, so I am able to check my e-mails etc. while I am on the go, so it definitely makes me a bit less interested in surfing the web after work. But I will try to make a point of blogging more regularly again.

Anywho, I have been very busy these past few weeks with work and evening activities; and I plan to share some of my latest adventures with you today! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

My apologies

I just want to apologize for my absence lately; I've been so tired and busy, and there has just been so much to do what with Easter, being sick, working, and Mother's Day coming up. :)

I truly hope to be back soon, I have so many pictures to post and things to write about! Sometimes I think that is part of my problem; I think of all the things I "need" to post about, and become slightly overwhelmed. I'm a silly person, there's no need to be overwhelmed by something so simple and fun as a blog!

Some things I will be posting soon:

Easter pictures

Three wonderful new recipes

stories about the twins

May your weekend be happy, relaxing and fun! 

Every So Fondly,

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I will post again soon, but just HAVE to post this breaking news:


God Bless AMERICA!!
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