Monday, April 18, 2011

A little smile will do....

Today as I was out walking in the beautiful sunshine with the twins, the district school-bus drove by full of small children. Now, the school-bus is the ultimate attraction, distraction and day-maker for the twins. Once that big yellow bus rolls around the corner, screams of "Skoo bus! Skoo bus!" are heard, and wild jumping up-and-down occurs. :o) I think this is absolutely cute, so I look forward to seeing the "skoo-bus" as well!

Today when that bus rounded the turn, a small hand was seen waving happily from within. The twins and I all noticed, and they waved excitedly back, with giant grins across their little chubby faces! I couldn't help but think of how funny it is that almost every little child is typically happy to wave and smile at another child or complete stranger no matter how hard or sad their day might have been, but we as adults can rarely put a smile on our faces to make another stranger's day.

I like to think of how children view the world, in such a hopeful and curious way, and I try to remember that if we all waved and smiled at each other, a lot of people would feel a lot more loved. So whenever I am walking with little b and little g, I try to put on a nice, eye-crinkling smile for anyone walking or driving past, even if they don't make eye contact, and even if I'm just not in the mood to smile. Because you never know, you might just save someone's day!

Think about it, and even on those really rough days, smile for someone, you just might get a nice smile back! ;o)


  1. I love that you give The Smile, too! When I walk every morning, I try to do that... and I believe, rightly or not, that sometimes it makes someones day better. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  2. Thanks Tanna and nanny! :D Some days it can be so hard to put on a nice smile, but I know how much better it makes me feel when someone else smiles at me, so it's something that I try to work on. ;)


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