Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intruder Alert!

Last night around 9:30 PM my husband and I were serenely sitting together on our couch enjoying a movie and some peace and quiet. About half-way through our film however, I began to hear very loud and scary bumping and scrambling sounds coming from our roof! We live in an apartment in a medium-sized city, and I might add that unfortunately for us, we don't live in the greatest part of town. So my immediate thought was: "Someone's on the roof! A big man is on the roof, and he's either trying to break into the apartment next door (especially now that he isn't making any sound), or he's fallen on the ground (we're two stories up), or he's on our balcony! Eeeeeep!" 

My husband and I both became frantic, our imaginations immediately took flight, and after we both looked outside, I told my beloved to call 911 just in case! He instead chose to call our apartment manager (who happens to be one of his relatives), and shout excitedly "There's &*%$#@#$*! somebody on my %$##@*&%! roof! They are either on my roof, or in my attic!!!" No, his language was not the nicest I'm sorry to say, but he was quite unnerved. The manager laughed and said "No there's not anyone on your roof, you're hearing things." So my dear husband took it upon himself to go outside (leaving me quite nervous inside, watching the attic access boards anxiously) with a giant flashlight to peer up onto the roof in search of the perpetrator.

(he took one of these bad boys with him, they make nice weapons!)

After maybe fifteen minutes of watching our roof, he called my phone to say that an animal of some sort was on the roof, watching him from above. He could see a pair of red eyes staring back at him, and had no idea what the animal could be, as it couldn't possibly be a cat! Well, after living in the Pacific NW for almost 25 years, I knew better, and laughed out loud at him. Hmmm, something big and heavy climbing from the tree outside onto the roof, I wonder what that possibly could be? ;o) My guess was right, and even though we weren't visited by a human bandit, we were being watched by a bandit of another kind!

What a naughty raccoon!
Phew! We went to bed much overstimulated but very relieved. No burglars, no scary people in the attic, just wild imaginations and giant clumsy critters! :oD

I am off to enjoy my dark and stormy evening; I just heard thunder outside, which is a rarity for our area. I just love thunderstorms in the evenings, especially when I'm snug and warm indoors!

Much Love,


  1. LOL! We've enjoyed the kin of your little burgular thumping around on our roof, too! blessings ~ tanna

  2. What an adorable story . . . AND blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. This story reminded me of a time when my Hunny was at work & there was a big scary sound in our new house. I called him in a panic & he rushed home. The culprit? The ice machine was emptying ice into the dispenser. I'd never had one before & didn't know they can be so loud!

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. Ha! So glad it was the cute kind of masked bandit! :-)

  4. Hi there ! Thank you for stopping by Lavender Hill.... I love having followers, no matter what their age !!! Ahhhh, '87 was a good year for me and obviously for your mom too.

    Adorable little masked man you had visiting, although I'll bet you didn't think so at the time! We have tons of raccoons in NJ and they reek havoc with our garbage cans !!

    You have an adorable blog.... I'm off to explore some more !


  5. Yes, I did feel quite silly after panicking so very much about the "giant man" on our roof! XD I'm sure that this experience won't be the last time I find myself afraid of something absolutely ridiculous either. ;) We have had a few genuine terrors around these apartments before though (I've called 911 a few times), so I guess I'm probably right to be so silly. ;oD

    Thank you to each of you for your notes! It's such fun to peek into the lives of other "kindred spirits," I hope you will come again.


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