Thursday, March 31, 2011

Laughter IS contagious

I am a nanny to the cutest little duo of twins, a boy and a girl who just turned two years old! Some days they really take it outta me, and other days are nice and laid back, full of reading (well, we do lots of that everyday, of course), coloring, crafting and playing. I wish I could post pictures of them, but to retain the correct privacy on their behalf as well as my own, I cannot do so unfortunately. :( It saddens me to not be able to share a photo, they are so adorable!

I will refer to the twins as "little b," and "little g," for little boy and little girl. ;o) The latest thing that little g has been doing always brings a great big smile to my face and laughter to both my lips and my heart! We like to go for a walk through their neighborhood in the morning each day, and the kids have recently begun to understand the concept of counting. Little g likes to count all of the daffodils (or as she calls them, "Dabbodees"), and if there are more than two, she begins laughing hysterically and shouts "Funny! Funny!" all while slapping her legs and stamping her feet! I cannot help but laugh out loud when she does this, and her brother watches in amusement as well, giggling and grinning hugely in admiration.

It seems that all little children do the same things at certain points in their lives, but they never fail to surprise and entertain me, no matter how small or silly their action might be! They sure can be stinkers at times, but they are twice as sweet to make up for it. Twins are especially fun; they entertain each other and learn from each other, it truly is fascinating to watch their bond grow!

I am working a lot on speech, counting and patience (their own patience, and haha, mine as well) with these two right now. They are in the midst of learning both Swedish and English, and while they are doing quite well, their English is definitely a little behind most American kids at their age. But hey, they do always remember to say "Thank you," "Yes Please," "Bless you," and "Help please" in the correct situations, so I guess I've got some decent foundations laid out! 

Another thing we have been occasionally working on is this:

And so far it is going quite well! I'm sure by age 2&1/2 things will really be rolling. By August 2011 I will have been working in the childcare setting for four years. My first childcare job was in a day-care, where we potty-trained 18(!!!!) 2.5 year-olds at a time. Boy was that crazy! It is very convenient to have that experience etched into my memory though, and I am grateful to be able to put it to use now. I am especially glad for these experiences that will prepare me for my own kids, I know they will come in so handy! :)

Baby Blanket Re-boot {with pictures!}

So, yesterday I promised a few pictures of my current crochet project----I am re-doing my very first attempt at crochet (from about two years ago): a baby blanket that was meant for a friend but will now be set aside for my own future children. I figure that it might be nice to hang onto the blanket myself since it was my very first project, after all. ;o) Please pardon the rather low-quality shots, my camera is out of wack and I am just too tired to fiddle with the settings tonight! Hopefully before I share any other pictures I can put my camera to right so that things will look a bit more lovely for you! 

I am only a few rows into the blanket, and the width is about 50 inches, so I may end up deciding to make the width into the length, but am just not sure yet! That wouldn't be a very big blankie, but I will just have to see what I think once I really get going. Again, this pattern is just off the top of my head, so it's very basic and simple, nothing very fancy!

Ta da! :) There is the beginning of my little "bwankree," as my sister used to call them in her babyhood. It's nice to have something a bit mindless to crochet while I sit and stare (mindlessly) at the television in the evening or on the weekend, and I'm sure this creation will be finished fairly quickly.

More creations and thoughts to come!

Much Love,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Blanket Re-boot

I have been a crocheter for about two years now. Unfortunately for me, I haven't had the time (or energy) to really sit down and learn some of the really neat stitches, or else I'd probably be making really awesome things right now! I can, however, create hats, blankets, washcloths (not too hard), flowers and other nifty little things just by using my own imagination, sans pattern. I haven't yet tried to write down the patterns I design, but I'm sure if I really wanted to I could come up with a few on paper.

My very first project ever was a baby-blanket I had planned to give to a friend who was expecting. However, at that time I didn't understand the concept of chaining one at the end of each row, and said blanket was rather.....crooked. So for the last few days I've been pulling all the stitches out of this horrid blanket so that I might begin anew. I have finished a few rows, and am liking the way it's turning out so far! I have so many friends with babies, and I feel like all I've been making are gifts to give away. I have thus decided that this creation will be saved for my own sweet babies! I am going to begin making little things here and there to put away for the time when I have my own children, which will be in two or so years, God willing.

I will be sure to post some pictures of my new project tomorrow, but for now, please accept my apology, I am pooped from a long day with some energetic babies, and simply  must put my feet up and sip on a strong cup of tea! I do hope you are enjoying your day or night, wherever you may be!

See you tomorrow!

Fascinating Fascinators!

As of Spring 2010, I had long (we're talking over a foot) thick, curly hair. I had never (no, never!) been to a salon or had my hair cut (excepting for an occasional trim which was done by my Mom), and loved to do all sorts of pretty and creative things with my hair. I could do the princess Leia braids (not the buns, mind you, yikes!) wrapped around my head, I could do fancy curled up-dos for special occasions, and many other hairstyles. Now, I'm not trying to boast about my hair here, just get to a point. ;o)

While I truly loved my long hair, and enjoyed all the fun things I could do with it, I just didn't really have enough time for it anymore. I'm rather ashamed to say that back in high-school I'd get up super early just to spend two hours on my hair and makeup (mostly my hair) before school. So in May of last year, I cut my hair to shoulder-length. I liked this new cut, and had a lot of fun with it! It was a nice change, and I got used to it after awhile. But in November of 2010, I finally got the guts up to do something I'd always wanted to do but just never had done. I got a Pixie cut!!
I always have loved Natalie Portman's adorable pixie cut from 2008,

I'm a huge Audrey Hepburn fan,

I LOVE Audrey Tautou and her beautiful cropped-cut (I share her coloring and she resembles Ma famille Francaise)

And finally, I saw this girly on the cover of my Marie Claire magazine, and just built up the courage to go have my hair shorn off! I'm not an enormous Emma Watson fan, but her hair just looked so adorable, and she seemed to feel the same way about her "Hermione Granger hair" that I did about mine. It's not always fun to deal with fuzzy, poofy crazy hair.

Anyway. My point in sharing all of this with you, is to say that while I love my new-ish hairstyle, it sometimes is very challenging for me to get used to wearing my hair just one way! So I have been toying with a few ideas. I have crocheted a few little sock-yarn roses and used them as embellishments in my hair (I'll post pics of those another time), and purchased a few small barrettes as well. But lately I've been thinking about creating a fascinator to wear on Sundays or to other special events. Fascinators were very popular in the 40s, and I've always wondered why they aren't still in style! I'm sure a select crowd wears them, but I think it would be fun to bring back some of that class by wearing one myself. Call me eccentric, but I think it would be great!

Perhaps I will have to start brainstorming soon and come up with my own cute creation! What would you think if you saw someone walking down the street wearing a fascinator? Would you ever wear one?

Thanks for reading!

À Bientôt,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain Rain Rain!

I have spent my entire life living in the Pacific NW, but still seem to suffer emotionally from the dark and rainy weather! I love the mild climate, and I really do like rain, but when it rains for weeks on end with no sun-breaks, I start to feel quite morose and peevish, and don't know what to do with myself! {Usually I end up breaking out several Masterpiece Theater DVDs, such as "Lark Rise to Candleford," or "Downton Abbey," and attempt to imagine myself in a nicer place while sipping a nice cup of tea.}

I am a nanny to toddler twins, and we have to go outside every day, rain or shine, for at least 1.5 hours a day. This is typically wonderful, except for when it is raining in torrents, or hailing, or anything else cold and wet (the kiddos get fussy and dirty, and I get soaked, no matter what). So not only does the dark weather somewhat depress me after awhile, but I often must spend a rather yucky time out in the elements each day.

Today, however, was a different story! It was a warm 55 degrees (yes, that feels warm to we Northwesterners!), with a light breeze and some sun spots! So Spring is definitely in the air at last, and I am SO thankful. :o)

What about you? How do you respond to darker weather, and if it bothers you, what do you do to feel better?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Parisienne Farmgirl Giveaway!

One of my very favorite bloggers is giving away a fabulous edition of "Romantic Prairie Style," which shows off several images of her own lovely home! Go to her page to enter, and be sure to follow her wonderful blog!

Angela's Blog can be found at, be sure to visit! :)

My new "shinies"

So I had my birthday a week ago, and I'm beginning to get to the age where I just don't quite know what I want for gifts when friends and family ask me what they should buy me. I think part of it is that I feel too embarrassed to ask for anything in particular, it just feels so selfish, even if it is my birthday! ;)

But!! I did mention to my mom that I wanted a cheap pair of payless brand heels ($20). She quickly responded by asking me "They aren't leather though, are they?" to which I promptly replied "no, but I'm not going to go out and spend $60 on a pair of leather heels right now!" In the end, she took me shopping, and I got myself a pair of these beauties!

Isn't that shoe divine?? They feel so retro and French to me, I love the old-fashioned style they exude. I've never owned a real pair of (leather!) heels up until now, and I felt quite glamorous as I clicked my way into church this morning. :o) It's nice to have something to "shine up" one's outfit sometimes, even if that something is on my feet. 

Until next time!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hello, and welcome to my brand-new blog! I won't be writing a lot of "fun" things this post as I still need to further decorate and perfect my blog's appearance, but I hope this post is the first of many to come!

I am a young married Christian girl who lives in the damp, rainy, and sometimes sunny Pacific NW. I have chosen to make this blog public yet remain anonymous so that I may speak and rant about anything and everything to my readers, without anyone from my personal life (except my marvelous husband, of course) getting too deeply concerned in the inner-workings of my own thoughts and cares.

I have a very eclectic personality as far as hobbies/likes go; I enjoy everything from babies and crocheting to roller-coasters and snowboarding! I love arts and crafts, and can't stand to have bare walls in my home. I  was married at the young age of 20 (I'm still quite young, but won't give you a precise age ;D ), and I thoroughly enjoy being married to my best friend and love, we have so much fun together, even when times get tough, which I will admit they have (and sometimes still do!) in the past.

I don't have many dislikes, but I cannot stand feminine drama, gossip of any kind, lying, cheating, and people who can't stand it when someone else won't accept the same opinions they express. And of course I don't like all the other immoral things that we all know about, but if I listed those, we'd be sitting here for quite awhile. But please, as long as you are polite, discreet, and use clean language,  feel free to express your own opinions in a comment at any time, I would love to hear what you have to say!

At this current stage in my life, I nanny full-time while my husband finishes up his schooling. Most days I love my job and have lots of fun taking care of the kiddos, but a lot of the time I really struggle with having to watch a lot of my friends getting pregnant and raising their own children while I sit here with the knowledge that I have some years to go before I will be able to stay at home with my own squishy babies. My hubby and I are choosing to wait for children (unless God blesses us with them, of course), so that he can finish school so that I can be a SAHM, and also so that we can have a few more adventures of our own before we have little ones to provide for.

Thanks for reading my book of a post, I will be back soon to write more, please stay tuned!

Thanks bunches! :)

~ Just a Girl